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Chobo-Ji's Zen Podcast


Rinzai Zen Dharma Talks given at the Seattle Zen Temple

Dai Bai Zan Cho Bo Zen Ji

or other locations associated with Chobo-Ji.

Jan 21, 2019

This "Follower of the Way" Dharma Talk was given by Peter Shinke Ilgenfritz on January 20, 2019 at Chobo-Ji. Shinke reviews how Zen practice has influenced his life since his first sesshin in 2002 by going over three koans that have most informed his journey.  

Jan 13, 2019

Genjo Marinello Osho gave this Teisho during Chobo-Ji's, Jan. 2019, zazenkai. This talk explores how to find the path of flowering and individuation beyond ego inflation and deflation. How do we face rejection? What comes after "enlightenment?"